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    New to Exadata


      I'm Oracle DBA and good working knowledge with ASM & RAC,
      I have an offer from my present company to work on this environment, But i'm completely new to this.

      Could any one provide some information, Working on only Exadata is really useful in future? what are the benefits?

      how it is going to be demand in market?

      Thanks in Advance.
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          Working Exadata is definitely a unique experience.
          Depending on your companies SOD, you can get into many aspects of the system.

          Taking the Storage Server out of the equation, Exadata is nothing more than a glorified RAC database.

          The demand is there, just not as high as many might think.

          Since the cost of Exadata is so high many companies cannot afford it, let alone more dba resources.

          In my personal opinion, if you can get your hands on the system DO IT

          I recently switched employers because of it. I started off doing gen setup with ACS and then administration of the system. After just few months experience I found an employer who needed someone who had even a little experience and boy did I make out!!

          Exadata is a great skill you can add to your toolbox. Once you have it, you suddenly get bumped up as far as wanted individuals.

          If you want a few other tips or materials, I have several posts on my blog.

          - Wilson
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            Thanks for your meaningful and clear reply and also for spending time on that.

            Beside i have one more question, If i dedicatedly have to work only for Exadata, Then I'm worried might i will be out of touch with Core/Rac DBA?
            As i heard ASM is also mandatory to work on Exadata, is it correct?

            Thanks for your responses.
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              Exadata leverages the same core technology stack of RAC, ASM, Database, and Clusterware that is used in non-Exadata environments. You won't lose touch with your core skills by working with Exadata, but rather will add Exadata to the skills you may already know.

              ASM is required on Exadata.
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                Saurabh Gupta-OC
                Dear Michael,

                I am also working on Exadata V2 as DBA for last 1.5 years with overall 5 years of IT experience. It is really a new and great experience working on Exadata since here you are doing half of the Sys Admin job also.
                Now I want to switch and looking for a good organization, could you please let me know some good company using Exadata.

                Thanks in advance for your assistance.