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    Best Practice for migration to Exadata2

      Hi Guru,

      I'm thinking to migrate an Oracle RAC 11g ( on HP/UX Itanium cluster machine to a New Exadata 2 System

      Are there best practice? Where can I found documentation about migration?

      Thanks very much

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          There are several docs available on MOS

          HP Oracle Exadata Migration Best Practices [ID 760390.1]
          Oracle Exadata Best Practices [ID 757552.1]
          Oracle Sun Database Machine X2-2/X2-8 Migration Best Practices [ID 1312308.1]

          If you already have Exadata, I recommend to open an SR with Oracle and engage with ACS.

          - Wilson
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            Once you have exadata you will be able to access exadata docs as they come with the servers. There are a few post on Internet and Tanel/Kerry book looks very promising (still have to get my hands on it).

            Oracle support will also give you some docs.

            As with most things, experience is the best teacher.

            Thank you,

            David Alejo-Marcos.