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    Survey Form Porlet not show


      I am trying to publish a survey in Oracle Portal (Version 10.1.4). After a bit of Research I added the Survery Creator Portlet to a Portlets Region of a Page, and designed the Survey. This wasn't a problem.

      Afterwards, I added Survey form portlet in a Page, also in a Portlet region. In Gaphical view, the Survey was show correctly, and I could navigate the wizard to complete the Survey.

      But when I go to the Page Preview the Survey is not shown, it's not visible. (Also when a client navigate through it, the survey is not visible)

      I checked all the objects that can change the viewing permissions, Page Groups, Templates, Pages, Providers, etc... but all seems to be correctly set. I searched through this forum for a similar problem didn't find any workaround.

      Can anybody put some light on this?

      Thanks in advance

      Regards NaN

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          You might want to verify if this only happens with the survey portlet. For example, try to add a different portlet to the page (like a html portlet or form portlet), and then view the page and verify that the portlet is displayed. If other Portlets are also not displayed, you may have a caching or invalidation issue.
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            This was one of my first test. I added a Html portlet with some text, and it was shown correctly. Also added a Bredcrum portlet, and also displayed ok. Afterwards, I added the survery form portlet to working page, where many portlets was working historically but the survey didn't show

            Thanks anyway