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    JCAPS sales/support

      At our company we are tryting to use JCAPS and I am trying to get in touch with a sales rep. I had a difficult time with this, i tried calling the oracle support number they redirected me like seven times and eventually asked me to email a sale guy who replied saying he has nothing to do with this. And the support link mentioned at http://developers.sun.com/javacaps/ does not work. I want to get JCAPS version 5.1.3 and talk to sales about support.

      Could some one please direct me in the right direction
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          Christian Brenn.
          Which Country are you Living in?

          Regstes chris
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            Sorry , I was out for the weekend. We are from New York USA. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to call oracle sales and they have no clue, they keep redirecting me. It happened like five times. They also got me in touch with a sales rep, who said he has no idea of the product or whom to contact.
            I think I am going to change my design to get a product from some one else, unless you guys can help me find some one who can help me with this.

            Thanks again