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    Installing SelfService on SOA Suite with Weblogic 10.3.5

      Has anyone successfully deployed SelfService to SOA Suite Previous versions installed using the Enterprise Manager application on OC4J, but with using WebLogic, I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out exactly what needs to be done differently (if anything). Do I install the EAR to WebLogic now? Or do I somehow have to tie in WebLogic to OPMN so that its services (or whatever parts, if any, are needed for SelfService) start up along with everything else when executing opmnctl startall? Or do I need to tie OC4J to WebLogic somehow?

      For SOA Suite, you just install it, start everything with opmnctl startall, then deploy using the /em application. With SOA Suite, you install WebLogic first, then SOA Suite, then create an SOA domain on WebLogic. At this point, opmnctl starts HTTP and OC4J, but not WebLogic. Trying to deploy to OC4J using /em gives a SOAP error when trying to test the SiteList.jspx as per the installation and deployment instructions.