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    JRE Recommended and required patches?

      Going to be installing JRE 6u27 on Solaris 10 64Bit.

      Was reading how to install it and I have to install the 32Bit first. So reading how to install the 32Bit version it starts by informing me . . .

      "Prior to installing the JRE, you should ensure that you have installed the full set of required patches needed for support of this release. Recommended and required patches are now hosted for download on the SunSolve website."

      . . . Well, of course, the SunSolve site is no longer accessible so I went here . . .


      . . . and searched for 'Java' and 'J2SE' but no patches were found. I also searched this forum with zero results for 'Patches' or 'Recommended and required patches'.

      So, my question is, what 'Recommended and required patches' do I need exactly for both the 32 and 64Bit versions?

      I'll be installing the current 10_Recommended Patch Cluster. Is that enough?

      Jeff Karpenko