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    ERPi write-back does not see new budget in ebs

      I am finally at a point where I am ready to test write-back in my development environment, configured as follows:

      Planning/Essbase stack on Linux
      ERPi ( odi and agent) on windows - we are using ERPi for metadata load and data load.
      Source is EBS R12

      I setup a new 2012 Budget in EBS similar to the 2011 budget that existed, and was able to successfully open and post $$ to an account(in EBS). But even after multiple data/metadata loads the list of budgets available to me on the write back setup page is not showing the 2012 budget. All setting in EBS look fine and the budget is available and can be posted it to.

      My question is - Could ERP Integartor be using some staging table to provide the list of available budgets and if so how can I force a refresh(Source System Initialization?)?

      Secondary question, If I created a data load for Budget scenario - would it read and pull the existing budget data - similar to Actuals? So the amount I posted in ebs would be viewable in my budget form?

      I have the loads working fine and the drill-back setup properly. And wast trying to setup write back diectly to budget details but I am stuck where write back will display all the budgets except 2012. Not sure how to propagate it thru to Planning. Any help would be appreciated.