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    To Default Charge Account on Purchase requisitions in iProcurement

    Amit J
      Hello Friends,

      As per my understanding, the standard feature to default charge account on to PR is based on below logic :

      - Charge account specified in the Employee setup form (Human Resources / People / Enter and Maintain / Assignment / Purchase Order Information) for the Requestor

      -affected by Expense Account Rules setup in Purchasing Expense Account Rules. Expense account rules can replace one of more of the defaulted charge account segments with a new segment value(s) specified in the expense account rule(s).

      As per the project requirement , one segment value should be defaulted from Expense Account rules setup. But in case , if it is not setup , the system should give an error rather than defaulting from the Employee Expense account.

      Please suggest some solution. Thanks !!!

      I am using iProcurement module 11i.
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          Hi Amit,
          We believe Account generator can be configured for your Oracle project specifc a/c generation. Give a try to configure it through a/c generator.

          It is a standard functionality of Oracle to generate Charge a/c (for an expense item) the steps you have already mentioned. i.e.

          - Charge a/c will be picked from employee HR record (default expense a/c )
          - Finally the a/c can be alter through the expense a/c rules setup based on Item category (of the requisition).

          We believe Account generator is the only answer for your project specific requirement.

          Kind Regards,
          S.P DASH