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    Rounding issue : iStore orders(sub total)  rounded again in OM.

      Hi All,

      When i am placing an order in iStore, it is working fine and rounding correctly. When i am seeing the same order in OM, the sub total again rounded as whole dollar even i have the set up as follows

      Price list :

      Round To : -2 (using Multi-Currency Conversion option)

      Currency Window:

      Precision : 2
      Extended Precision : 5


      1.*QP: Selling Price Rounding Options* : Individual: = round(listprice) + round(adj) [ROUND_ADJ] (site level)
      2.*QP:Unit Price Precision Type* = Extended (site level),
      3.*OM:Unit Price Precision Type* = Extended (site level)

      I am wondering why Orders rounded again in OM only even the "Round To" is -2. I am searching in many ways, still i didn't track out the root cause of this issue. Is there any other set up to control rounding in OM alone. Please share your ideas who all experts in this field.