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    Non-maintainable assets status of "Issued out of stores"

      We are running EAM R12.1.2 and I'm having an issue with an asset that has been inactivated. In the asset number setup form, the Active and Maintainable flags are unchecked. The asset as been deactivated through the "Tools --> De-activate asset" process.

      If, however, you look at the current status of the assets serial number, the current status is shown as "Issued out of stores". I have views that utilize that field and unless the value is 1 (defined but not used), the asset shows as still active.

      Why is an asset "Issued out of stores"?
      How can I change the current status of a serial number/asset?
      How would the current status get set to "Issued out of stores" in the first place?
      Is this accomplished when the asset is first setup and activated?
      Can I safely update the status in the INV.MTL_SERIAL_NUMBERS table?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.