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    Dev: Relation of 'EDR: E-records and E-signatures' profile with Service

      SR# 3-4300318591
      Customer - GE Aviation

      Hi All,

      I have an issue where the customer is trying to launch the 'Quality collection plan' from the SR form itself at the time of creation.

      He is able to launch it only when the users are trying to update the already created SR.

      Now, I did a bit of research and found out that turning off the profile option 'EDR: E-records and E-signatures' at site level will launch the 'Quality collection plan' during the creation of SR.

      I tried it and it worked out for me and for the customer as well.

      Now, the customer wants to know how this profile option is related to service module and how this will affect the other applications.

      If it affects any other applications, is there any workaround?

      Chandra Mouli Kuchimanchi