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    XMLGateway :: Order Import Con Program User Issue


      In XMLGatway to trasfer the data from interface tables to apps tables, the “Order Import” program is getting submitted by some user. We do not know on what basis this concurrent program is getting submitted by this user. But with this user it fails to create sales order in the Apps.

      But when we submit the same program manually with the user say 'john' having certain specific responsibility say 'xyz', the concurrent program runs successfully and creates the SO in Apps.

      I want to make sure that when this concurrent program gets automatically submitted, it should get submitted by user 'john' so that Order Import process gets successful. Can anyone let me know if there is any setup that needs to be done for this or how this can be achieved.

      I am invoking XMLGateway using Oracle Apps Adapter and passing PO_007 in OAGIS format to it.

      Appreciate the prompt response.