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    dns dynamic updating

      Hello every body , i hope that anybody can help me to configure the dns dynamically updated from the dhcp server
      i make the steps
      3.On the DHCP server, start DHCP Manager.

      4.Choose Modify from the Service menu.

      The Modify Service Options dialog box opens.

      5.Select Update DNS Host Information Upon Client Request.

      6.Specify the number of seconds to wait for a response from the DNS server before timing out, then click OK.

      The default value should be adequate. If you have timeout problems, you can increase the value later.

      7.Click the Macros tab and ensure that the correct DNS domain is specified.

      The DNSdmain option must be passed with the correct domain name to any client that expects dynamic DNS update support. By default, DNSdmain is specified in the server macro, which is used as the configuration macro bound to each IP address.

      8.Set up the DHCP client to specify its host name when requesting DHCP service
      but the update doesn't happen
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          You can always up the logging level for DNS until something shows up. Hopefully something will. If not then you might want purchase DNS and Bind 5th edition and follow it's steps. Sun used to have a section in the docs for DNS but it was removed many moons ago and it apparently ain't coming back.