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    Dynamic Environment Switching For REPORTS_PATH 11g

      Oracle Fusion Middleware with Patch Set 2 ( - Linux

      Dynamic Environment Switching For REPORTS_PATH doesn't work.

      According to documentation B32121-03 (Publishing Reports to the Web with Oracle Reports Services 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) point 8.2.2):

      1. comment REPORTS_PATH in reports.sh
      2. set enviroment settings in rwserver.conf with REPORTS_PATH and NLS_LANG and defaultEnvId (DEV and PRD with defaultEnvId="DEV")
      3. restart reports server
      4. run http://mywls:8888/reports/rwservlet?SERVER=rep_wls_reports_mywls_asinst_1&REPORT=testreport.rdf&USERID=user/user1@mydb&DESFORMAT=html&DESTYPE=cache&ENVID=DEV

      REP-110: File testreport.rdf cannot be opened.
      REP-1070: An error occurred while opening or saving a document.
      REP-0110: File testreport.rdf cannot be opened.

      The same situation for &ENVID=PRD or without ENVID (as I expect it should work as default - DEV enviroment). File testreport.rdf is located in both paths (/u00/DEV/reports and /u00/PRD/reports)

      http://mywls:8888/reports/rwservlet/showenv?server=rep_wls_reports_mywls_asinst_1&authid=oiduser/oiduser1 reads informations from reports.sh file but doesn't read enviroment settings from rwserver.conf (REPORTS_PATH is empty because I comment it in reports.sh).

      Where's my problem? Should I set any other setting(s)?

      Unfortunately note [231051.1] and other referenced doesn't resolve my problem...

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          Not sure if this helps at all. I just went through a nightmare trying to get 11g forms/reports to work through the forms builder.

          What I discovered with that is that I indeed had to set the REPORTS_PATH in rwserver.conf... however there were 3 different files that I ended up having to put it in (not sure if had to be in all 3). And perhaps more importantly, there seems to be an order to how you put these xml statements in the rwserver.conf files.

          In my case, it wouldn't work at all until I put it right after the last "<engine id=" statement.

          Mine looks something like this (not that this is a snippet of the file in Windows, for running via Forms/Reports Builder):

          <engine id="rwURLEng" class="oracle.reports.urlengine.URLEngineImpl" maxEngine="1" minEngine="0" engLife="50"/>
          <environment id="default">
               <envVariable value="C:\Oracle\WLS11gR1U4\user_projects\domains\AISworkstation\" name="REPORTS_PATH"/>
               <envVariable value="AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ISO8859P1" name="NLS_LANG"/>
               <envVariable value="RRRR-MM-DD" name="NLS_DATE_FORMAT"/>
          <environment id="windev_xxxxxxxx">
          <envVariable name="REPORTS_PATH"

          I'm still figuring this all out too (although I did get it working how I need.. just not sure if it is the optimal solution), so I'm not sure how much this will help you. But for sure I can say that there is an order to these XML tags that I'm not so sure was the same (or maybe not enforced) in 10g.

          Good luck
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            Volker Deringer
            just for the record:

            there are three files "rwserver.conf"
            one for rwbuilder
            one for the in-process-server
            one for the standalone-server

            Note 1083666.1 describes where to find each.

            Both server files can be edited using the Fusion Middleware control - on different, but very similar looking pages (can be confusing).