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    Evolution Connector

      Is there any kind of connector for use the Oracle calendar server with Evolution email and calendar client ??

      Thanks in advance.
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          I also would really really like this feature.

          I would even be willing to help develop it.
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            We currently have no plans to develop such a connector but please contact your account manager or log a TAR so we can follow up with you on providing more information about your interest in such a product.
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              I have to agree. This is the one thing I'm really missing.

              I think you ought to contact Novell/Ximian and work together on making an Oracle Calendar Connector for Evolution :)
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                I am replying to this very very old post...... anybody knows if there is any work been done? I am switching to a Linux only enviroment on my work laptop and have been able to tackle most of the problems. However I still been unable to get the calendar function working in Evolution.....

                Maybe after all those years somebody got it working?

                Johan Louwers.