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    Create a BI search source

      Hello everyone,

      I wounder if you guys can help me with a problem I'm having when I try to create a SES source to crawl Oracle BI. I'm following this tutorial: [Configuring for Full-Text Catalog Search|http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E21764_01/bi.1111/e10541/prescatadmin.htm#CACHJIEG] from the Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

      The problem is that after I create an Oracle Fusion source and let the scheduler crawl and index items (and I get around 140 items indexed in the report) I then try to search any of the catalog items from BI but can't find any of the items.

      If I edit the created source and change the Crawl-time ACL Stamping Authorization attribute from ACLs Controlled by the Source to No Access Control List my search returns correctly items from the catalog. This makes me conclude that there is a problem with the way SES's authenticated user maps over the security attributes indexed from BI. One of the parameters when I create the source, called User Identity Format has a default value of FND and can't find any documentation about how/to what this attribute need to be set more then it's description Format of user identity string posted to Oracle Fusion Authorization service. Default value is 'FND' and I can't really make much of this description.

      My environment setup is as follows:

      (*) Oracle Internet Directory 11gR1 server

      (*) Oracle Business Intelligence server
      - configured to authenticate users from the above OID

      (*) Oracle Secure Enterprise Search server
      - with an Identity Plug-in configured to use the same OID server as BI. Users from OID can authenticate. I've created also database/UCM sources and worked as expected.

      When creating the Oracle Fusion source I used the following values:

      on the first step:
      Configuration URL: http://<bi_server_hostname>:9704/bisearch/crawler/oracle.biee.search.BISearchableTreeObject/ConfigFeed?forceInitialCrawl=true
      Authentication Type: NATIVE
      User ID: weblogic
      Password: <pass>
      Oracle SSO Login URL:
      Oracle SSO Action URL:
      Scratch Directory:
      Maximum number of connection attempts: 3
      Delete Linked Documents: true
      on the second step:
      Authorization: ACLs Controlled by the Source
      Plug-in Class Name: oracle.search.plugin.security.auth.fusion.FusionAuthManager
      Jar File Name: oracleapplications/FusionCrawler.jar
      HTTP endpoint for authorization: http://<bi_server_hostname>:9704/bisearch/crawler/SecurityService
      User ID: weblogic
      Password: <pass>
      Business Component: oracle.biee.search.BISearchableTreeObject
      Display URL Prefix: http://<bi_server_hostname>:9704/bisearch/urlbuilder
      Security attribute values for anonymous user:
      User Identity Format: FND
      Any ideas, suggestions or details about the User Identity Format attribute are appreciated. Also if anyone requires more info let me know.

      Bogdan Moza