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    locations one vs. many

      What are the disadvantages of one location vs. many?

      Can you load/consolidate one location to FDM if you use just one location for many reporting units?

      Are most of the canned reports location based and will they have to be customized?

      I would really like to use one location for 100 reporting units but need to access how I might be boxing myself in and be surprised later on with ho one location will limit the functionality I can deliver with FDM loading to HFM and Essbase.

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          I apologize for the novel......

          Question : Are the 100 reporting units all have ledger data coming from one system? Or are you talking about 100 different units (and people) loading to one location?

          I probably wouldn't even think about doing this unless all of the reporting unit's data comes from one G&L system. 100 Seems like quite a few too many for that to be the case though unless these are some type of Corporate entities/units used for adjustments, etc.?

          Anyway, some considerations would be as follows :

          - Import Format : Unless everyone is using the system system, you may have some import format considerations.

          - Mappings : Unless everyone is working with the same mappings, you may have some issue here. If they have different mappings, you could in theory just have one giant map for the one location; however, this would be pretty messy and hard to maintain down the road.

          - Verifying who has loaded : Some of the built in reports will give you a location status (what fish step has been completed) report which can be helpful during the close process. If you are pushing 100 units thorugh one location, all you are going to know about those 100 reporting units is that at least 1 loaded successfully. You won't be able to (easily) know out of the box whether they all individually completed the process.

          - Performance : If you make these "mega maps" and such to accomodate everyone, it could take longer to process. If you're loading all 100 at once, that would also slow things down. (Also Data protection could have performance consequences)

          - Data Protection : If you are using data protection, this is going to be a performance hit if you are loading all 100 units at once due to the fact you'd have to extract a large amount of data potentially from the destination system, merge it with FDM data, and reload it. If you are loading one reporting unit at a time this in of itself shouldn't be a huge issue.... but .......

          "Custom Protection" our data protection is customized to keep track of everything loaded through FDM for a location and it reloads NO DATA to it to ensure that all FDM data is cleared. For instance, say my first load, I load to 3rdPartySales. After I've loaded the first time around, I realize, 3rdPartySales was really 0. My new FDM load file doesn't have a reference to 3rdPartySales 0, rather it just omits any rows for 3rdPartySales. If I didn't have a method to clean this out, 3rdPartySales would live on "forever". To resolve potential issues like that everytime we load to a location (for a given period), we keep track of every load performed and replace the data with NODATA, then at the end of the file we add the data we are now just loading. This ensure that any account we've loaded to through FDM gets cleared.

          If you have any such customization and you intend on loading the 100 reporting units separately, you may have some difficulties here that you want to consider : 1.) Potential HFM errors due to lack of security if it attempts to clear out previous data for other reporting units, 2.) Unwanted clearing out of other reporting unit data that was loaded in a previous FDM load.

          - Security : If more than one person is doing loading here, they will potentially be able to see data for other reporting units that you may or may not want them to see.

          - Lack of data visibility. If you load the data separately, the GUI will only show you the most recent FDM Import/Validation, etc. If you load all 100 units as one big file, it will be very difficult for someone to go back and review what they brought in potentially. (At a minimum it will be a hassle)