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    Oracle VM - Sparc - Provisioning Disk across blades

      We are a large VMWare shop as well, and in the VMWare world -- the engineers get a large LUN presented to their VMWare cluster, and the provision disk as needed to each of their VMs.

      I want to know if the same thing can be done with our LDOM stack.

      Can I have my SAN admin present a Large LUN to our T6340 blades, and then share that disk across blades.

      For eg: if I got a 500Mb LUN from the SAN admin, can I slice that up into 100Gb chunks (let us say 100gb per slice) and present some a slice to Blade 1 and the other to blade 2?

      The problem we're facing is, the SAN admin is now presenting a LUN per LDOM and when we have about 40 LDOMs, its getting messy to manage, not to mention the entire SAN efficiency is reduced!