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    Financial Reporting services distributed.

      Hello All,

      I see that the five services of Financial Reporting is distributed on different servers.I mean three of the services on one server and rest two services are replicated on 2 different servers.

      I want to know what is the need of keeping services on different servers...

      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Pam,

          There are 5 services for Financial Reporting as shown below and I hope you may see the following three Financial Reporting Services out of 5 on one Server:
          If the version is or lower, you would be the services as follows:
          1. Hyperion Financial Reporting - Java RMI Registry
          2. Hyperion Financial Reporting - Report Server
          3. Hyperion Financial Reporting - Scheduler Server

          The rest two would be as follows:
          4. Hyperion Financial Reporting - Print Server
          5. Hyperion Financial Reporting - Web Application.

          Please correct me, if I'm wrong. I suggest you to update the Services info that you see on your two server, based on which I can clarify you and describe you the reason behind.

          Aejaz Shaikh.