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    UPK 11.0.0 integrate with EBS 12.1.3

      I installed UPK 11.0.0 server and client. I have also imported UPK EBS 12.1.3 contents provided from oracle edelivery. Now I need to integrate EBS help menu with UPK. My first step is to just see if integration works or not. document says :
      " Modify the HELP_WEB_AGENT Profile
      You must modify the HELP_WEB_AGENT profile in Oracle to point to the oracle_gateway.html in the Player content deployed on the server.
      Following is an example for R12:
      URL=http://<server name>:<port>/oracle/hemi/oracle_gateway.html "

      What should be servername and port? Do I have to publish anything just to verify if integration to help menu works or not? I found oracle_gateway.html in below path. Does it look correct?