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    Create invoice without receipt

      Hi Financial gurus,

      In My project we dont maintain Inventory in Oracle.

      Will I be able to create supplier invoice and match to PO without receipt - (all are expense and asset items)

      Will it affect my accounting factor (like AP Accrual Account)

      because the accounting entries are like


      inventory receiving a/c db
      AP Accrual a/c Cr

      2. Inspect & Accept -> nill

      3. Deliver to stock

      Inventory a/c db
      Inventory receiving a/c cr

      4. PO match Invice
      AP accural db
      supplier liablity a/c cr

      5. enter payment
      supplier liability a/c db
      Cash /bank a/c cr

      Because I am going to do only 4 th and 5th step... will it spoil my accounting AP accural balance..


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