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    How to discover SysIterTrID from BAM's schema


      I want to populate a BAM's table manually, but i need to provide three additional values, beyond that i can see in Architect, in the fields SysIterID, SysIterTrID and SysIterTotalsChild, present in every BAM' schema table.

      I realized that the field SysIterID is an auto increment (starting in zero for each table) and SysIterTotalsChild is always zero. But as the SysIterTrID, it seems a global crosstable counter.

      Anybody knows where can I get next SysIterTrID? I thought it was the field "value" in the table "SysIterSequence", but the SysIterTrID created after insert a record in a BAM's table on Architect has a different number.

      Thanks a lot.