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    Providing an account while Delivery


      I have a PO with 2 Shipments of say 5 qty each. Each shipment has one distribution each to department A and B.

      Now a shipment of 4 items came in and the receiving person at the dock is receiving this item and entering in Oracle Ebiz. The thing is he does not know what item is going to go to what department. So he enters it blindly and Purchasing module prorates and splits equally 2 each to each department. But while inspection and actual delivery, the person knows that department A had a priority of these items and hence all 4 items have to go to department A. But during delivery process there is no provision to correct that accounting in any way. The only way to achieve this is to have the receiving dock person know in advance the charge accounts so that he can choose multiple and split and assign the items to the correct ccid. But as I stated earlier the person at the dock is unaware of this. Did I overlook something. Is there a way to correct the ccid during delivery?