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    Nd help configuring JMS Bridges between COM and SOM

      We skip the JMS Bridge between SOM and COM because we deploy the O2A cartridge using the:

      - When Central Order Management and Service Order Management Exist in the Same
      OSM Instance in a Non-Cluster Environment.
      - Customer and Service Order Management in the Same OSM Instance
      "Deploy the following cartridges through Design Studio for the simple fulfillment

      Now what happening is: the flow of the order taking time before it was completed or need manually submit the task using oms-automation user.
      But even with the above work around we cannot see the billing data in BRM.
      UpdateSalesOrderSiebelCommsProvABCSImpl (v. 1.0) this is the last BPEL process we see in BPEL.
      FulfillBillingFunction.BRM-ALL.BundleGranularity.FulfillBillingSignificantUpdates is the last Activity we can see in osmwebui if not manually update the task.
      Then ProvisionOrderSIResponseTask is the current task in osm task web client where order state is In-Progress.
      With that it seems the SOM is not processing.

      Do you have any idea why we can't complete the order and see the billing data in BRM?
      Is'it the COM and SOM not properly configured, or have some issue with other application(RODOD)?