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    JDI/JPDA Event Filtering

      In JDI, there is the API to exclude events from processed events in JVM used by JPDA. This is done using:

      1. addExclusionFilter(String) to exclude some pattern; e.g. addExclusionFilter("java.*")
      2. addClassFilter(String) to include some pattern; e.g. addClassFilter("java.util.*")

      Now, I need both. I need to exclude all events coming from "java.*" but I need to receive events from "java.util.Iterator".

      Also, note that for instance java.util.Iterator is an interface implemented by some private class in java.util.AbstractList. How do we receive such events to java.util.Iterator?

      When I used both methods, I actually receive events any more. Do you have an idea how to do that? Thanks in advance.