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    Payment Terms at Different Levels

      Hi All,

      To my understanding, at present, the process of populating the payment terms is as follows:

      1. Payment terms are defined at Supplier/Supplier Site level.
      2. Contract PO is created and during the creation, it takes the default payment terms at Supplier / Supplier Site level based on the priority.
      3. Now, all the standard purchase orders that get created take the payment terms defined at Contract PO if we reference this Contract PO.

      Now my question is

      What if the payment terms at Supplier/ Supplier site level gets changed???

      The same will not get applied to Contract PO and the new Standard POs continue to take up the payment terms defined at Contract POs.

      This scenario is creating the confusion to me.

      Can anyone explain the scenario and let me know the way to get Contract PO payment terms get sync with corresponding Supplier/ Supplier site leve payment terms.
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          Supplier and supplier site values are used to get defaulted to various document level (PO, Invoices, Payments etc) and changing at document/transactional level does not change the values at Master level. So in your case, you need to change the payment term at contract PO level and supplier/site level separately.
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