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    EPM  Configuration

      Hi ALL,

      I am new to installations.......working on a Multi server installation......we are installing

      Server01 : SS
      Server02 : Planning
      Server03 : FR,Workspace
      Server04 : HFM,FDM

      We are using Weblogic as App server and Oracle HTTP as web server.

      How can we configure Planning,HFM,FDM ,Reports to be able to access from workspace.............When we login to http://server03:19000/Workspace ..............We should be able to access Planning,HFM,FDM ,Reports ..
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          You would run through all the steps in the EPM system configurator, the last step you need to configure foundation web server piece as this will allow you to access to the other products from workspace.
          You won't see any planning, hfm apps or reports until you create or migrate them.