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    Unable to Account Inquiry in GL

      Dear Members :

      Why I am not able to see transactions (journals/balances) when I enter account code (let's say cash 1000), from Inquiry-->Account as GL responsibility ? I do have transactions on cash account in Payables and manual journal entries. Do I need to run any CP before finding them here - could you please tell, what that is ?

      Is this related to SLA which I need to setup before using this menu ? If you could please direct me to any link for setting up SLA - much appreicate.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Please check the following links.

          If your journal entries haven't been transferred to GL yet, run Transfer Journal Entries to GL program.
          If the transaction itself is not accounted, then run Create Accounting.

          Regarding Drilldown menu related to SLA, I think it is proper for Payables.
          Also, which release you are on? The account is from 11i and upgraded (or) created in R12?

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            Vamsi :

            Thanks so much. I was running it in "draft" mode, hoping to find it among journal entries as unposted. But that never happened. Now when I run it as "final" mode, I am able to see my journal. Could you please tell me why both the account codes are same when I look at output, as attached below ? Should I try changing "Expense AP Accrual Account" in setup ?

            Application Accounting Definition     Cost Management     Version          GL Date     Aug 22, 2011
            Journal Entry Description     
            Line     Accounting Class     Account     Entered     Accounted
                           Currency     Debit     Credit     Debit     Credit
            1     Accrual     01.1410.00     CAD          100.00          100.00
            2     Receiving Inspection     01.1410.00     CAD     100.00          100.00     

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              Regarding Draft Accounting, I doubt you have gone through the link http://www.orafaq.com/node/2240
              Regarding the account, it depends on the SLA setup (Account Derivation Rules / Journal Line Types / Journal Line Definitions) for that Event Type / Event Class.

              You may need to review the SLA setup.

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                Yeah - I see what you mean. But in draft mode, I couldn't simply find the journal which originates from Purchase; unless I did it in final mode.

                Actually this is first time I am attempting SLA and would check SLA setup, as you advice.

                Thanks very much.