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    Manual fetch row question


      Is it possible to create manual fetch row process, where all items source types are 'Database column' but with Source Used as 'Always, replacing any existing value in session state'? Simply I have report , when I click on report row it fetches data from db (from many tables) to items for choosed row on a new form. So the problem is next: if any row in report doesnt have values in one of the fetched tables it simply writes in items previous values that had previous row. (It happens if I choose 'Only when current value in ...'), but if I use 'Always, replacing any existing value in session state' it simply doesnt fetch any value at all.

      Thank for any helping.
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          Yes, I created just that today. I manually added Automated Row Fetch and it worked fine with 'Only When ... Null' I then changed all my items to 'Always Replace...' since I noticed the page was hanging onto old data in the form. I was not clearing the page cache, so instead of clearning the cache, I put them to 'Always Replace...' I don't know which is the better approach yet.

          I know this is a year old, but it sat unanswered at the top of my search results as I research question with DML_FETCH_ROW.

          Cheers, Hawk