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    ORA-28509 when calling PL/SQL mq message throught Java Application

      I have a PL/SQL procedure called "prc_send_mq_message" witch works perfectly when I invoke throught database users where it is compiled.

      But when this same procedure is invoked by Java Application witch connects with the same user, the error: "ORA-28509: was not possible stablish connectinon with Non_Database Oracle" happens.

      Can anyone help me ?

      See pl/sqlblock bellow:

      Create or replace procedure prc_send_mq_message Is
      pi_db_link_name Varchar2(100) := 'siibdg4mq';
      pi_queue_name Varchar2(100) := 'QL.REQ.SIIB.FBS.01';
      vObjDesc PGM.MQOD;
      vHandleObj PGM.MQOH;
      vMsgDesc PGM.MQMD;
      vPutOpt PGM.MQPMO;
      --options PGM.MQPMO;
      vPutBuffer Raw(32767);
      -- Opening the queue:
      vObjDesc.DBLINKNAME := pi_db_link_name;
      vObjDesc.OBJECTNAME := pi_queue_name;
      pgm.mqopen( vObjDesc, PGM_SUP.MQOO_OUTPUT, vHandleObj ); --> ORA-28509: was not possible stablish connectinon with Non_Database Oracle