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    Changing the Fish image FDM

      Hi all,

      My client wants to know if the fish shown on the workflow process in FDM can be changed for another animal, they want a lizard ...

      Any help would be highly appreciated
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          There are some "out of the box" substitutions they can make.

          Log into HFM, go to Administrator, Web Settings, 'Default Status Bar Icons:' - There area few different options.

          If you want something more specific, you can manually change out the image files.

          Look in <Install Drive>:<HYPERION HOME>\FDM\WebServerComponents\Website\StatusBarIcons

          then choose the folder that corresponds to your Theme (probably Default)
          - ButtonFish
          - Default
          - Hyperion

          Image you will want to focus on would be :


          If you replace these, be sure to replace with images of the same size to ensure you don't screw up the HTML layout.