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    Work Request front end

      I will implement eAM for facilities maintenance. Currently, they use a simple html based system to log requests, and request itself becomes a work order.
      They heavily depend on emailing in n out of that request (including third parties besides the support agent and the internal customer).
      I have to decide between Work Requests and Service Requests via iSupport. I could not even find documentation if I can integrate isupport with eAM.
      Has anyone face the same issue? What would be your recommendations?
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Work request will give you the best integration with EAM. It will also let you progress to work order out of the box.
          If you choose to do iSupport, you will have to build some of those integration.
          They heavily depend on emailing in n out of that request .
          Depending on how much emailing is involved, you can consider writing simple alerts/custom workflows that get triggered when a work request is created/updated and send emails accordingly.

          Hope this helps
          Sandeep Gandhi
          Independent Consultant
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            I agree with Sandeep ... Depending on the structure the work request can be forwarded to a department or user for approvals or autoapproved. Regardless its important to note that the work request upon approval does not autocreate a WO. You have to take the approved request and create a work order from it. Another thing to consider is out of the box the request number and WO number will not be the same number.