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    Conversion with Markups in Servlet


      We're trying to convert to PDF with markups in a servlet using the vueBean.convert() method.

      Is there an easy way to load all markups when working from the VueBean level? Something similar to the jVue.openMarkup("*") command?

      Also, being a Java shop we are doing this directly using VueBean. Does Oracle recommend using Web Services or would that just add unnecessary overhead?

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          Ricardo Av-Oracle
          You query the markup property, extract all. the markup properties and read one markup at a time
          set the active markup and notify of a markup change

          A lot of gotchas along the way, as it is required to see if the markup is read-only, apply the markup policy (for stand-alone, integrated and mobile pack/online/offline)

          All that code is done inside the com.cimmetry.vueframe.VueController.openallMarkups()
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            Would you be able to point me to the JavaDocs for VueController?

            I am not sure if this class is what we need... I notice that it takes a VueBean in its constructor. Are there similar methods on the VueBean to achieve the same result?

            Currently we are forced to copy our markups up onto the viewer server and then pass these remote filenames to the server using RasterConvertOptions.setMarkups(<markup filenames on server>).

            What we would like to know is if there is some way to configure it to automatically retrieve all markups without having to manually copy them up to the viewer server first.
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              Ricardo Av-Oracle
              There is sample code in the AutoVueAPIProgrammersGuide (page 49)
              it handles conversion to PDF with markups

              For loading markups, some code is available at p 45 (it only loads the first markup, need to iterate)

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