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    Issue in Punchouts from Supplier Site


      In 11.5.10 instance I have created a punchout of a supplier.

      To achieve this
      1) created punchout of supplier
      2) added it to Store
      3) created mappings in E com gateway for Item category code.

      When I go back to Req form I get an error.

      "The item cannot be added to the cart .The category code is not configured for purchasing."

      I have checked the set ups in Purchasing Super User->Item -> Item Categories. the category code is present there and is added to the Category set also.

      When I go to iPRoc Catalog Administration Respon and see there I can see Mapping of Purchasing Category with Mapping of Iprocurement Category also present.

      Can anyone please let me know why I am geting this error that "The category code is not confugred for purchasing.".Is any other setup missing?