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    The correlation issues in OSM

      There are some questions about correlation in OSM.
      Can anyone detail the process of extracting jms message by automation plugins?
      It is said in Developer guide: "This property uses the correlation ID parameter, which is configured in the outbound message at the OSM side, to retrieve the JMSCorrelationID of the incoming message. OSM compares the JMSCorrelationID with the correlation ID and associates the two messages if the respective values match."

      As I understd automation plugin in some automation task receives only that messages, which comes with same correlationID or property containig correlationID which was assigned by other automation sender plugin in the same automation task?

      My experiments shows that external event receiver automation in one automation task cannot receive messages from other automation task.

      Are there means to implement events exchange between parallel tasks in the same order?

      Best regards!
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          Hi Sergey,

          AutomationContext & CorrelationID are linked together. Whenever a message comes to queue which is listening by automationplugin, it tries to find the AutomationContext using that correlationID and once finds a match, it assigns the incoming message to that particular automationtask which is waiting.

          There are no means to implement events exchange between parallel tasks in the same order. Suggestion is to change your workflow.

          Naveen Jabade