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    Where do I download Spaces?

      I know Weblogic, ADF and JDeveloper pretty well, all the way up to
      I do NOT, however, know Webcenter and am tasked with knowing it, specifically, Spaces.

      The documentation seems to be all over the map. It makes a lot of product and knowledge assumptions. One of those is that you have webcenter spaces downloaded.

      I don't feel like wasting 2 weeks of my life installing webcenter and found this VM image and have it loaded in virtual box (oracles VMWare player) and it is running great. It is a great, already configured VM.

      Problem is, I don't think it has Spaces. I didn't even know how to even check to see if spaces was installed on it until I talked to a spaces expert and he said look on port 8888 and nothing is there on that VM. So, the webcenter VM doesn't have spaces. Ok, fine. I went to look for it and all I can find is this link;

      I don't see spaces in there. In the VM, it is using version JDev and I'm assuming that is the same version of Webcenter (do they correlate?).
      The only version of Webcenter I see is and it doesn't seem to have Spaces in it.
      Where is the download for spaces?

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          I think I found it;


          So confusing. Why do I have to hunt for everything? If I do to the download page I shouldn't have to hunt for the latest version of a product....or any version for that matter.

          It was a link off a link off a link off a 'Note:'.....
          How dumb.
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            Thank you - that was helpful for me as well!

            Did you install everything successfully? If you did, can I ask you a question related to your post: since we already had the Middleware home after the WebLogic installation for ECM, as well as we had the database and the schema for UCM, do we need to create an additional schema for Spaces components? Is the WebSpaces installation creates it's own directory in the existing Middleware home? Can we also use the Content Server as it was installed originally with the ECM install?

            Thank you!