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    issue: https is going into http

      we are using Iplanet as proxy webserver and weblogic app server in our environment. we upgraded recently iplanet 6.1sp7 to 6.1sp12 and jdk 1.6.05 to 1.6.26. and weblogic 10.3.0 to 10.3.5 .we change proxy plugin also. FYI we have to access appliation only with https ,we can't acess with http our applications. but the issue is when we try to access application with https it is automatically turninig into http in broswer this issue intermittently and we are not able to access application bcoz of turining into http. So we check all logs like proxy logs,weblogic logs every thing but there is no issue that we found out.So may i know what could be the issue in this scenario?. whre the config issue resides. we didn't have mechanizm in apps too.....

      FYI it is giving 302 response in access logs of iplanet.but there is no mechanizm of redirection we configured

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