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    OracleClient Connection pool is not releasing connections


      We have an ASP.NET 2.0 Project,
      and we are connecting Oracle 10g database using OracleClient 2.0 (System.Data.OracleClient)

      Our Application is hosted on WINDOWS SERVER 2003 R2 ENTERPRISE x64 Edition IIS 6.0.

      Connection string is in web.config with following config
           "Data Source=ind;User ID=uid;password=pwd;Persist Security Info=False;Pooling=True;Min Pool Size=30;Max Pool Size=170;"

      We are facing following problems at Oracle Database Side:--
           - Some times connection goes beyond 170 like 245, 283 and so on.
           - Active Connection - upto 20 only
           - Inactive connections are not getting free (most of the connection are inactive).

      So DBA team says Application Connection Pool is not behaving properly, has suggested us to stop using connection pooling.
      We tried to stop connection pool by "Pooling=False", but then application is not able to multiple open connections.

      Plz guide us and provide suggestions.

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          - do you properly closing opened connections (return back into the pool) including connection closing after exception has been raised? Connection in v$session can be in INACTIVE state but you can still hold a connection.
          - there isn't any app pool restarts/crashs? For example - if app pool crashed then .NET haven't properly release a connections
          - System.Data.OracleClient namespace is obsolete and have a few bugs. Why you don't using ODP.NET?

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