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    which driver provides "OraSessionClass.OpenDatabase" method ODBC or OO4O

      I've a windows app built in VB6.0 which is working fine in 32-bit machine and Oracle10g client. When my client tries to use it in a 64-bit machine and connects to Oracle11g 64-bit client the app doesn't work. I'm using "OraSessionClass" to connect to the db. I'm confused about which driver is my app using to connect to db OO4O 0r ODBC. If it is OO4O I read that there is some compatibility issue with oracle 11g 64-bit client. Is OO4O available with 64-bit client? If not, can I install 32-bit oracle11g client on a 64-bit machine get OO4O driver so that my app will work. Please suggest me in resolving this issue. Thanks a lot!!!"