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    Configuration Siebel Webserver fails

      We are installing Siebel Server on Linux enterprise 10.

      Oracle HTTP Server is installed vis user oracle. With "Oracle 10gR3 Companion (10.1.3.x) CD"

      When I try to configure Webserver (using user oracle) I am getting following error:
      In sw_cfg_util.log:
      GenericLog     GenericError     1     000000024e6d4f9c:0     2011-09-12 11:34:30     Executing step: ConfigureStartStopScriptsdeu
      GenericLog     GenericError     1     000000024e6d4f9c:0     2011-09-12 11:34:32     Step ConfigureStartStopScriptsdeu: failed to run program %%SiebelRoot%%%%OSDirSeparator%%install_script%%OSDirSeparator%%install%%OSDirSeparator%%UpdateStartScript with cmdline %%SiebelRoot%% %%WebServerInstance%% %%DeployedLanguage%%
      GenericLog     GenericError     1     000000024e6d4f9c:0     2011-09-12 11:34:32     Failed during Execution, err: 5500044

      In updopmnxml.log:
      Error validating /opt/oracle/product/
      Unable to continue with OHS configuration. Abort

      The file tmpSiebel_opmn.xml is in the folder available.

      Can someone help?

      thanks Angelika

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          I think there is an error in the common.scm when it builts the stop HTTP Server command. It seems that it is still using apachectl... and the command to start/stop HTTP server is opmnctl...
          Don't know if it is exactly you case, but we had to do that change in our case.
          Good Luck
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            Hi Antonio,

            thanks for your answer. When its running apachectl stop it only gives a warning. I stop the webserver before anyway, because on another environment with AIX we know that sometimes its better to have it stopped.

            But because you mentioned common.scm I checked that file and found that the error appears in Script UpdateStartScript.
            In that script I found the mentioned error. I was running the command in that line:
            oracle@decrmdev01:~/product/> ./opmnctl validate ../conf/tmpSiebel_opmn.xml
            libopmnoraclenls.so: unable to load
            ./opmnctl: line 998: 25055 Segmentation fault $OPMN -qx $1

            So it can not find that Lib....

            So I set LIBPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to ~/product/ but still the same error


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              Execute the command below under /product/ folder:

              ldd libopmnoraclenls.so

              It will list libraries that libopmnoraclenls.so depends on. You may be missing a required library. Link below has required rpms for Suse 10:


              I understand that /product/ is the root web server directory and it has been provided during swse configuration, please confirm this.

              Hope it helps,

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                Have you checked this document?:

                Login page not coming up after applying Siebel FP to SWSE [ID 1333541.1]

                I had similar (but not same) segmentation fault post patch rather than during configuration.The issue was caused by a missing module. As a workaround for the issue we copied libmod_swe.so file from $sweapp/bin directory to $webserver/modules directory and this resolved.