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    Coherence*Web and Push Replication problem

      INC10 push replication example for Coherence*Web includes SiteSessionExpiryFilterFactory and SiteExtractor classes, referenced in web.xml:

      <description>Session expiry filter that excludes sessions not managed by this site; required by Coherence*Web push replication</description>

      These classes require coherence-web.jar and coherence-web-spi.jar, located inside coherence-web-spi.war. I'm loading this war file as shared library in WebLogic. However, running push replication example, I always get ClassNotFound exception, triggered by SiteSessionExpiryFilterFactory. It seems WebLogic just cannot reference jars inside the coherence-web-spi.war, even it is shared library. So, I extracted these jars and placed them directly on classpath, now it cannot find session-cache-config.xml, that is in a right place for sure. Removing SiteSessionExpiryFilterFactory from web.xml makes Coherence*Web work again, but I'd like push replication to work with it. Any advice or tips how to make this work would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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          It seems Coherence*Web push-replication example currently published with Incubator 10 is broken and maybe incompatible with Coherence 3.7. It would be helpful if this example is removed from the zip until fixed, so users like me don't spend valuable time trying to make things work that cannot work in a first place.

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            Not sure if still revelant, but i've fixed the build by modifying the build.xml:

            Add <mkdir dir="${build.dir}/tmplib" />

            Change the extraction of coherence-web.jar to

            <unzip src="${coherence.home}/lib/coherence-web-spi.war"
            <include name="WEB-INF/lib/coherence-web.jar"/>
            <mapper type="flatten"/>