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    source code for time table generator for college

      Hello everyone, i want to make an automatic time table generator application for my college. the user will give the input as:
      1> No. of subjects and respective names
      2> No. of semesters
      3> No. of teachers and respective names
      4> total no of hours required for each subject
      5> time allotted for each class duration.
      the constraints can be like:
      1> one teacher might be teaching for 2 semesters or two sections
      2> one teacher shall not get more than 4 hrs of class in a day to teach
      so can anybody help me out by providing me source code related to this.
      i will modify it to my needs. but i need a general or similar source code for the same.
      please send me your replies or source code on Moderator edit: removed@gmail.com

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