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    Cannot change Default Web Page - Bug?


      I have problems with Listener Administration - it's 1.1.3 standalone. The Browser should default to another web page, for example to www.wonderland.xy/apex/f?p=1234 when the URL www.wonderland.xy is given.
      But the entry '*Default Web Page*' on the Miscellaneus-form seems to be buggy. A different web page other than the standard Login-Page cant be set as default Web Page, i.e 'f?p=1234'. However, the browser jumps to the desired Page inside the Listener Administration after applying the settings, in the real jungle outside he does not.

      thank you
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          You should read Metalink Note 1343077.1
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            There is another way to do this, which I don't see mentioned in the Metalink note:

            in the apex-config.xml file, change the value for apex.misc.defaultPage to something else, say index.html:
            <entry key="apex.misc.defaultPage">index.html</entry>
            Then, place a new file index.html in the root folder of your APEX Listener installation (in Glassfish, it would be under \domains\<domain>\applications\apex, while in Tomcat it's under \webapps\apex). Put the following in your index.html:

                    <meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0; URL=<PATH_TO_YOUR_APPLICATION>">
            save the file and restart the listener