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    KeyAgreement.ALG_EC_SVDP_DH_PLAIN and Signature.ALG_ECDSA_SHA_256

      The two algorithms in the subject of this thread are supported on NXP JCOP31 cards as extensions to the standard api. As such, the ALG_EC_SVDP_DH_PLAIN is available as part of the KeyAgreementX class and ALG_ECDSA_SHA_256 as part of the SignatureX class. This requires that a proprietary jar file, jcopx.jar for the initial JCOP31 v2.4.1 card (J3A080), and jcopx-2.4.1.R3.jar for JCOP31 v2.4.1 R3 (J3A081) be used to build the applet. If the jcopx.jar is used, the applet does not work on the J3A081 card and, if the jcop-2.4.1.R3.jar is used, the applet does not work on the J3A080 card. I am trying to find a "magic" jar file to build with such that the applet will run on both cards. Does anyone have any suggestions?