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    Remote access to Solaris 9 server from anywhere ( Via internet)

      I have a small LAN setup with one Solaris 9 server, one Solaris 10 Workstation and a wirelessly connected dell laptop ( Win XP). Now I am trying to make my Server accessible from anywhere thru internet.
      I have registered with DynDNS.com and got a hostname. I am trying to set a static IP address for my router. Can I assign a static IP address to my router without informing my ISP?

      Can anyone please guide me if I am on the right path? Do I need any third party software installed in the remote m/c ( thru which I will remotely access my server) to actually work (execute the commands) on the server?
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          I doubt you will be able to self-assign a static IP address. You might be able to request a static from your ISP but it will cost you. If you have DynDNS configured you don't really need a static address. What you will need to do is create one or more NAT entries for your router to redirect said ports to your Solaris system. Also, you might need to inform your ISP that you will have inbound traffic on said ports since they tend to block most incoming traffic for home connections.