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        user13653962 wrote:
        I appreciate yours comments , but this 100MB space is for very after 10 mins , per hour it becomes 600 MB , it is an estimation and daily by database size is growing with 2 GB , ultimately i am running out of SAN space which is 1.4 TB now only remaining 120 GB space ,
        i am doing some data purging but i want to also focus why the data is grwoing with such huge pace.
        new data comes from DML; INSERT or UPDATE.

        you can use DBMS_LOGMNR to see the DML causing the new data.
        Since Oracle RDBMS does not spontaneously grow data, you'll need to contact application folks who are depositing data in the DB
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          yes i was also thinking about log minining , lot of background data goes to others table in EBS , one of the table name ASO_ORDER_FEEDBACK_T a queue table was growing with much pace , i found about this table from meatlink document which tell that after sales order within order table queue records within ASO_ORDER_FEEDBACK_T table capture information related to this order entry , this queue table in turn used by Sales personnel module which is not being used in ours organization , i asked to my functional guys and upon mutual agreement i have disable the movoment of data from sales order entry to this table and now growth of this table under control.

          I have found other areas as well on which i am working and reclaiming space , but just thought (can say lack of knowledge) that TEMP space is also not being used thats why posted such silly question here regarding Temp tablespace.
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