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    drill through

      To drill through to EBS do you need to configure ODI w/ FDM?

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          You always need to configure ODI to enable drillthrough with ERPI regardless of whether you use FDM or not as that is the undrlying integration technology that facilitates drillback
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            In what schema do you put the user defined interface tables?

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              In order to drill through to EBS you need to configure ERPI to use a data load rule to retrieve data from EBS and use the data load rule name in the ERPi-Fin adapter in the FDM application. From FDM you can then drill through to ERPi and then drill from ERPi to EBS.

              ERPi does require use of ODI. There are a few different KM Articles out in My Oracle Support that outline the process to setup ERPi and configure ODI on the back end for proper use.

              Please refer to the following KM Documents

              951369.1 for
              1169565.1 for 11.1.2.x
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                thank you..

                I couldn't find any articles on how to load metadata into interface tables for loading to EPMA Shared Library...have you seen any?

                We are on

                Thanks a lot!