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    Integration between two tables, column in diffrenet 2 databases

      Hiiii my dears , I hope all you doing great

      Please I need help in this new kind of integration I need to do for my work and this is my fist time .... any hits can help me

      I have to integrate between 2 tables into 2 different databases, the first database Db1 has the tabe name T1 and I need to syncronize every tranzaction happned in T1 to replicated in T2 and not vise versa .... plus not all the data in T1 only some selected columns to be replicated to T2 columns (T2 in Db 2 is alredly exisit in te database ) ....


      Database 1 ; Table1 has columns ( c1, c2, c3, c4, c5)

      Database 2: Table 2 has columns (c1, c2, c5)

      so I need to replicate the values of c1, c2, c5 (only those columns) from T1 in database 1 to Table 2 (c1, c2, c5) and not form T2 to T1 and every change in T1 , T2 will be affected also ......

      and also how to map the columns between column in case they are not same

      I have no idea where to strart what is the process ... what are security i need to have on database level ... please help even if you just give a hint

      Many thanks for alll