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    PeopleSoft bundles Maintenance Packs

      we are currently on HRMS 9.1 bundle 2, GP 2010-C and want to get to bundle 6 GP2011-E, we would prefer to do this by Maintenance packs but have just found out from Oracle support that you can not apply maintenance packs on top of bundles (see 657905.7) Has anyone been in this situation? if so do you know how we can get back to MP release? I thought we might be able to apply bundle 3 (which would put us on MP2) and GP2010-D/E then apply MP3 Delta and MP4 Delta would this work??? Or do we have to stay on Bundles until HRMS 9.2 comes out??
      Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated!!

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          Hi Kathy,

          Applying maintenance pack on top of bundles is not a recommended approach. That too on an application like HRMS where there could be a lot of changes in record structure and data is brought forward by each update.

          However we have to break some rules at times :)

          I have been in the same situation a few times. There are a few steps you should take to make sure the impact of this "out of the box" process is minimal.

          The highlevel approach is to;

          Apply MP4 cumulative, if you are on 9.1 without any MP already applied
          Apply all deltas MPs from your current MP level, for eg - MP2 to MP4 delta, if you are on MP1.

          But this has the risk of overwriting any customization done on bundle1&2 objects, also any functional config/data which is customised, might also have to be redone.

          You ll have to do thorough analysis on what is the impact on customizations (doing compares between your current envoronment and an MP4 demo).
          Also, you ll have to analyse any scripts which the CA executed as part of bundles 1&2 and any add on GP packs and make sure that the MP scripts do not wipe out important configs (or alteast identify what data/config is overwritten and take steps to bring it back)
          External objects like sqr also has to be taken care of

          The end result will be an environment with MP4 (or whichever MP level you think is best)

          The entire excercise is a bit tricky, but it is fun if you luv the analysis part :)

          Now there is another way around this..
          You cannont apply MP3 D on bundle 3 database. But you can trick the CA to do so. Get the maintenancelog dat file which comes along with MP2 cumulative and import it to your environment and you are ready to apply MP3 D !!!
          But you have to be extremely careful that, before applying MP3D the database structure and config matches exactly with an MP2 database.

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            Hi Nevin

            thanks for your promt reply, we have very tight timeframes and with your words of "tricky" and "extremely careful" I think it is best we stay with the bundle release, and just hope that we get it all done in the time frame given...
            But I might attempt this in another patch cycle.

            Thanks again.