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    Trouble with DESCRIBE SPARQL queries


      I'm experiencing some strange behavior when it comes to DESCRIBE queries on my Joseki server with Oracle Spatial backend. When the Weblogic server is newly started the first DESCRIBE query runs through returning the correct result. However after that it only returns an empty graph. SELECTs and CONSTRUCT queries behave deterministic as expected. The SELECTs has been running for a while, but it is first recently that I discovered that I cannot do DESCRIBEs.

      Just for an additional test I copied the Joseki.war to create a second contect Joseki-new.war. When restarting I can run both of these once before they both returns the empty graph.

      I've searched through the logs, but cannot find any indication of what's going on. Help, or indications of where to look, will be highly appreciated.

      Oracle Database Release 11.2 Enterprise Edition, arq-2.8.8.jar, jena-2.6.4.jar, joseki-3.4.4.jar Jena Adapter for Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 (

      - David